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Delightful apps toddlers and preschoolers love!

Our apps are not ordinary apps. They are developed with a lot of love and in cooperation with child psychologists, a research institute on mental health, experts on children’s interaction and with a literary novelist. The underlying method is evidence based and supports children to embed daily routines. Last but not least, we do extensive research into children’s behavior, and interaction, and we’re happy to get help from an expert group of small children.

Our apps are as safe and kidfriendly as they possibly could be.


We don't do in-app advertising. We don't do in-app purchases. We don't track and trace kids behavior. We do not connect to social media or the internet. We don’t do spam, we don't collect personal details, and we don’t share your personal details with anyone. Never. Please read our privacy policy.


At Developlay we have a simple mission: Developing and publishing superior quality games that will help young children live a happy and healthy life, and have fun at the same time. Every child a happy and healthy live!

We use the power of play, to help children deal with social and emotional challenges in their young lives and aim for their well-being and happiness. Our games are a significant ally of parents in raising their kids in a fun and healthy way.

During development we never ever make any consessions on quality. Thats why we carry the Moms With Apps - Know whats inside Seal and the
Moms Choice Award Gold Seal .