Welcome to Nott’s World!

Hi, I am Nott, and I am very pleased that you are visiting my site.

My creators have a lot of appreciation for parents.

They are convinced that you know what is best for your child! You are the expert in child raising matters. You want nothing but the best for them and want to offer them a life in which they can grow up happy and healthy.

Sometimes growing up takes an effort, and sometimes simple things can be difficult. Basics like brushing teeth, cleaning up, going to bed quietly.... You may have experienced this and you will surely have found out that one of the keys to success is creating a set of fixed rituals.

And here I, Nott, come in!

My games are all about rituals and are meant to be supportive and adjacent to your own raising practice.

I am confident that when playing my games, your kids get familiar with rituals and have lots of fun at the same time.

In my first game, Nott Won’t Sleep, your child will help me get to bed, but before I close my eyes, we first experience a lot of adventures, together with my friends. We will say goodbye to the moon, find my friends in the woods, we will....

Well, maybe you will look for yourself and see me closing my eyes?

In my second game, we experince playing along and playing together. Playing together is fun! But I need some m-time as well. And learning to play together can cause some conflicts. Will you join me to fly in bubbles? Plant flowers? And jump the clouds?

xoxo Nott